About Us

Hello, my name is Nathan Taylor.

Growing up in a family of motorbike enthusiasts that started with my grandfather, meant that I would be on a motorbike sooner rather than later. I know this is a familiar story for many individuals and families today.

It became a way of life for me. Traveling from state to state. Camping on the road with family and friends at every opportunity that I could possibly create.

However, I wish I had learned a few life lessons a lot earlier than I did. I lost a very good friend in an accident that I now believe was preventable.

This is the very reason I decided to write this blog, to hopefully prevent serious injuries and possibly save a life or two.

Nathan Taylor in 2023

A motorcycle airbag vest may initially seem expensive, but the reality is, it's a very small price to pay to save a life.

Would you go out in a high-speed boat without wearing a life vest? Ride in a car without a seat belt?

Airbag vests are not only for motorcycle riders, there are now styles made specifically for equestrian riders. Many riding schools and clubs are starting to include these as part of their mandatory safety equipment. A few years back, I remember riding a horse up a steep creek bed and being thrown onto a rocky outcrop. Fortunately, no damage was done.

If I can give you some solid, valid information about safety with motorbikes, and pass on a few hints about better camping alternatives, then we have both gained a little.

Good luck with your rides.