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Nathan Taylor is an avid motorbike rider and has been riding since his early teens. He enjoys spending most of his spare time combining riding his motorcycle with hiking and exploring new places.
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🦈Sharkbanz 2 – A gift for every Swimmer, says Celebrity Lifeguard

By Nathan Taylor / August 10, 2019

Netflix Celebrity Lifeguard says, “Sharkbanz should be a gift to every Swimmer”Although there is a truckload of information about the Sharkbanz 2 shark repellent to be found on Google, I hope to help sift through all the research, videos, reviews, and media topics for you, so you can quickly cut to the chase on any […]


🏍️2020 MotoAir Motorcycle Airbag Vest – Safety That’s Affordable

By Nathan Taylor / June 22, 2019

Moto-air – Airbag VestsAirbag vests are widely used in equestrian events, and are becoming much more common in motorcycle racing. These have been designed with the rider’s safety in mind and are recommended for every safety conscious rider.The MotoAir Airbag One vest is versatile enough to be worn underneath your existing gear, or as an […]


🏍️Which are the best Motorcycle Airbag Vests or Jackets in 2020?

By Nathan Taylor / May 19, 2019

Personal Air Bag Vests and Jackets for Motorbike and Equestrian Riders!Airbag vests have been used by motorcycle police around the world since the mid 1990’s. They are now commonly used by riders on race tracks. After making an impact in these markets, manufacturers have now switched their attention to us everyday riders.  The vests and jackets […]