Houston we have a problem – Strong Duct Tape saved Apollo 13!

Gorilla Duct Tape - Duct Tape on Steroids

If it's good enough for NASA, it's good enough for camping and hiking holidays, or just around the house. Gorilla Duct Tape is one of the best heavy duty duct tapes you can get.

In this review, we look at why Gorilla Tape takes duct tape to a new level. The list of its uses is virtually endless.


Duct Tape and NASA

Even if you haven't seen the movie 'Apollo 13' starring Tom Hanks as NASA Astronaut Jim Lovell, you've probably heard the expression, 'Houston, we have a problem.' 

Just as it's depicted in the movie, duct tape came to the rescue of the Apollo 13 crew after an explosion on the space capsule. It was thanks to having duct tape aboard that they were able to improvise and create air tight seals that kept them alive long enough to return to Earth safely.   

Astronaut John L. Swigert Jr improvising aboard Apollo 13. An unseen Lovell on the left holds in his right hand the feed water bag from the Portable Life Support System (PLSS).

Why am I reviewing Duct Tape?

Good Question! I came across this tape at a recent Product Expo and was blown away by how well it handles wet environments. 

The Gorilla brand tape lasts a lot longer than regular duct tape even around moisture. This makes it perfect for anyone who goes camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. It should be part of every household emergency and travel kit. 

Gorilla Super Tough Duct Tape

Why is this tape better than the others?

Gorilla Tape can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's been designed to stick to most rough, uneven and unforgiving surfaces.

This tape has a tough all-weather shell and also withstands UV rays and temperature extremes better than most other tapes. It won't break down in the sun as quickly as other tape, and copes with heat, colder temperatures and humidity much better.

It has a highly concentrated rubber based adhesive. This makes it two to three times as thick as traditional duct tape. The result is a tape that fills gaps, penetrates rough surfaces and will stick to just about anything.

The tight weave contributes to its heft, but Gorilla Tape can still be torn by hand.

Gorilla Duct Tape is super strong but can still be torn by hand

Made with double thick adhesive and a strong reinforced backing, it’s the strongest and toughest duct tape. It's not a direct replacement or permanent repair but it will get you out of trouble. 

Where and how to use Gorilla Tape

This tape sticks to surfaces that ordinary tapes can't hold onto. It easily sticks to uneven and rough surfaces including stone, wood, stucco, fabric and brick.

Gorilla Tape - Great for Emergency Repairs

This is a story shared on the Gorilla Tough Duct Tape Pinterest Page.

Gorilla Tape Great for all sorts of emergencies

Compare the Gorilla Tough Duct Tape Range

Gorilla Duct Tape comes in a variety of lengths and widths. There are tapes designed specifically for different situations and environments so there will be one perfectly suited to your needs. 

Even though it's thick, this tape can be torn by hand, or cut to size with a knife or pair of scissors. It's important to clean the surface you're about to apply it to, and brush off any loose and dirt. Smooth out any pockets or rolls in the tape as you apply it.

One of the most versatile duct tapes that I would recommend for your Emergency Kit measures 2.88 inches across by 30 yards long (or approximately 7.3 cm across x 27.4 meters long) - this is enough to get you out of trouble when you need it most, and at a great price.

[amazon box='B003KTLRUA' title='Gorilla Tape - Tough and Wide, Black' description='Double-thick adhesive, this tape grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces. With a tough weather-resistant shell, this withstands moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes' tracking_id="gorilla-tape-20"]

[amazon table="801"]

How to store it so doesn't lose its awesomeness

To keep its outstanding adhesive quality, store your Gorilla tape in a cool, dry place. Keep it out of direct sunlight. If possible, store it vertically (rather than laying it flat), on a hook or on wax paper.

If you purchase multiple rolls (as these work out to be cheaper), keep the extra rolls protected in their wrapping until you need to use them.  

Gorilla Tape works best at temperatures above 32°F (0°C). Wherever possible, use the tape at room temperature for best results. If the tape freezes, bringing it back to room temperature will restore its qualities. 

Gorilla Super Tough Duct Tape

How to remove Gorilla Tough Duct Tape

Gorilla Tape can be removed but you'll need a lot of elbow grease. It may leave some residue. To remove any excess residue you may find it easier to use the tape itself as a blotter.

Note: Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal tape is not designed to be removed. This tape forms a permanent bond. It will damage any surface if you try to remove this tape once its been applied. This includes stripping the paint from walls.

The Verdict - Great for Emergency Repairs!

Why waste your time with lesser tapes? Gorilla Tough Duct Tape has a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This is a fantastic tape that just does the job.

Make sure you store some around the house but also pack some on your next holiday adventure. This comes in a range of widths and lengths to suit your purpose, all at a great price.

The toughest and best duct tape on the market is Black Gorilla Tape. You’ll pay a little more for it, but it’s worth the cost.

Enjoy its strength and durability!

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About the Author, Sharon McKenzie

Sharon has always enjoyed camping holidays with family and friends. She loves to share knowledge and tips with fellow travellers whenever possible. Sharon believes this is all part of the journey and makes for better travel experiences for everyone.
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