2023 MotoAir Motorcycle Airbag Vest – Safety That’s Affordable

Moto-air Motorcycle Airbag Vests

Airbag vests are widely used in equestrian events, and are becoming much more common in motorcycle racing. These have been designed with the rider’s safety in mind and are recommended for every safety conscious rider.

The MotoAir 'Airbag One' vest is versatile enough to be worn underneath your existing gear, or as an outer layer. It provides comfort, safety, and affordability without compromise.



Unfortunately due to shutdowns, and shipping delays, MotoAir Motorcycle jackets are currently unavailable. We are keeping a close eye on this and will update this information as soon as anything changes and these become available again. 

I recommend you look at Helite or Hit-Air jackets as alternatives that are available.

Read more on Helite or Hit-Air vests and jackets.

Best MotoAir Airbag One Motorcycle Airbag Vest Black
MotoAir Air Bag Vest Hi-Viz

If you already know the MotoAir vest is for you, click the button to see the current price and any savings that are available on Amazon. 

Do you need an Airbag vest or jacket?

The World Health Organisations Global status report on road safety, highlights that road traffic injuries are now the leading killer of people aged between 5 to 29 years old. 28 percent of these deaths are of motorcyclists. 

Airbag vests were originally designed and marketed towards equestrian riders but are becoming increasingly popular among motorcyclists. These can be used for a range of sports including jet skiing, snowboarding, or any other power sports.

Motorcycle airbag vests and jackets act as a body splint to keep the spine and neck immobile during a fall. This will significantly reduce the risk of spinal cord injury. 

If you are a safety conscious rider, or have kids or a partner who regularly rides, then airbag vests are a personal protection item that's worth considering. Whether you are riding a motorcycle, a horse, or any other power sports equipment, this always comes with its risks. Danger can come from a change in the local weather, wildlife crossings, or even other drivers. 

Your personal safety should always be paramount. You only need to come off the one time, to be glad you invested in either a full airbag jacket or vest.

How does the MotoAir Airbag Jacket Work?

The MotoAir airbag inflation system is built into the jacket. When worn in conjunction with a helmet, this system reduces the chances of injuries to the neck, chest, spine, and oblique areas.

The jackets have an integrated airbag system with a small CO2 cartridge. This is triggered by a pull cord made of twisted steel wire. The system inflates within 0.18 seconds of being triggered. This protects the rider and reduces the chance of injury to the torso area.

Every vest from MotoAir comes pre-assembled with two anchoring cables, a deployment system, and a pre-installed CO2 cartridge.

Can the airbag go off accidentally?

If you forget to unhook the lanyard from the anchoring cable, you'll feel a tug as you start to dismount the bike or horse. The lanyard has some slack and will take around 25-35 pounds (lbs) of pull force before it deploys the airbag system. This should negate any unintended inflation of the airbag.

If the CO2 cartridge is deployed, these can easily be replaced and the jacket becomes reusable. 

MotoAir Airbag Vest Deployment

Which MotoAir Vest or Jacket to choose?

MotoAir vests and jackets are designed and styled for year round comfort and protection. These can be used for road riding, enduro, motocross, scooter, and quad-bikes. 

All the jackets include the latest airbag technology. Whether you choose a textile jacket, a leather jacket or a vest, you get the same level of airbag protection. 

The letter in front of the model depicts which style the jacket is - (L for Leather, V for Vest, R for Racing Jacket, M for Mesh). All jackets and vests have YKK zippers for extra durability. The jackets have CE approved padding for the elbows and shoulders. 

MotoAir R-970 Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

MotoAir R-970 Airbag Jacket

MotoAir V-400 Motocycle Airbag Vest

MotoAir V-400 Airbag Vest

MotoAir L-300 Motorcycle Airbag Leather Jacket

MotoAir L-300 Airbag Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets are made from 1st grade cowhide with Visualite reflex trim. Some styles include removable linings.

Vests are available in Hi-Vis, Polyester, Mesh and Leather, with Visualite reflex trim. Some have removable linings.

Textile Jackets are made with 600D Polyester/Cordura with Visualite reflex trim/panels. These have removable linings and front and back vents.

MotoAir R-600 Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

MotoAir R-600 Airbag Jacket

MotoAir M-200 Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

MotoAir M-200 Airbag Jacket

MotoAir M-600 Airbag Jacket

MotoAir M-600 Airbag Jacket

MotoAir Size Charts - Jackets and Vests

MotoAir have a different sizing system for each jacket/vest. 

You'll need to check on the product page for the appropriate size chart for the jacket or vest style you are looking to order. 

Below is a size chart for the vest, leather jacket, mesh jackets and 2 for race jackets. 


MotoAir R-970 Racing Jacket Size Chart

NOTE: Measure around your chest while wearing any garments you may normally wear under your jacket and then go by that measurement.


MotoAir Leather Jacket Size Chart

NOTE: When taking the measurement, measure around your chest while wearing any garments you may normally wear under your vest and then order the size going by that.


MotoAir Vest Jacket Size Chart

NOTE: Measure around your chest while wearing any garments you may normally wear under your vest and then order the size going by that measurement.

Choose S-M if your chest measures between 31 inches to 42 inches (79 cm – 107 cm).

Select L-XL if your chest measures between 42 inches to 48 inches (107 cm – 122 cm).

Go for 2X-3X if your chest measures 48 inches to 58 inches (122 cm – 147 cm).


MotoAir R-600 Racking Jacket Size Chart

NOTE: When taking the measurement, measure around your chest while wearing any garments you may normally wear under your vest.


MotoAir Mesh Jacket Size Chart

NOTE: When taking your measurements, make sure you measure around your chest while wearing the clothing you would normally wear under your vest, and then order the size going by that measurement.

MotoAir Airbag One Motorcycle Airbag Vest Hi-Viz

The Verdict?

Moto-Air Airbag Vests

MotoAir Airbag One Motorcycle Vest is affordable protection for a range of riders. Weighing only 3 pounds (1.3 kilos) it's lightweight and offers good protection for the neck, chest, spine, and obliques, in any activity, any weather, all year round.

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About the Author, Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor is an avid motorbike rider and has been riding since his early teens. He enjoys spending most of his spare time combining riding his motorcycle with hiking and exploring new places.

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      They suggest going to the US site. Under FAQ on that site, you will see their shipping arrangements for all other countries. I realize that this shipping cost may be prohibitive for your location, so I am going to convert this email to a comment and post it on the appropriate Moto Air post, so that others in your area may be able to assist you as well.

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