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Last Updated on May 23, 2020

Netflix Celebrity Lifeguard says, "Sharkbanz should be a gift to every Swimmer"

Although there is a truckload of information about the Sharkbanz 2 shark repellent to be found on Google, I hope to help sift through all the research, videos, reviews, and media topics for you, so you can quickly cut to the chase on any decision making.


Nothing to fear, but fear itself! This is a phrase from the 1933 inaugural address of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Fear can be very complex with many variants. It can be fear of the unknown, fear for others, fear of travelling, flying, meeting new people, school exams, spiders, alligators/crocodiles, sharks. "SHARKS!!!"

Yes sharks.. in fact, shark attacks! This is the subject matter of this post, as I am reviewing a product called Sharkbanz which is the world's first active shark deterrent bracelet or band.

Hopefully this post will help limit or remove the fear you may have about entering the water for that swim, dive, snorkel, spear fishing, surf, sail, or whatever it is that you really want to do, and be able to enjoy yourself in the water.

Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent

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What is a Sharkbanz ?

The Sharkbanz has been designed by Marine Scientists as a repellent to deter curious and predatory sharks using magnetic technology. It is a bracelet that can be worn on either your arm or leg. It comes as a 'one-size-fits-all', with a long strap which is easily cut down to the size you need. 

As it uses magnetic technology, there are no batteries to change, replace or worry about. The design of the original Sharkbanz has been improved, and a new version has been released. This is the Sharkbanz 2.

Sharkbanz Magnetic Shark Repellent

How does Sharkbanz technology work?

Sharks use electro-receptors in their nose for navigating and hunting prey. They have the strongest electro-receptors in the animal kingdom. This makes them very sensitive to electrical fields.

Sharkbanz emits an electromagnetic field that disrupts this field in sharks and will cause a curious shark to be deterred from further investigation. It doesn't harm the shark, it just makes the immediate area very uncomfortable for them. 


The Sharkbanz patented magnetic technology has been successfully tested on predatory sharks. Testing has been done with Bull Sharks (also known as also known as the Zambezi shark) which are responsible for the most attacks on people worldwide. Since the discovery of magnetic technology and its use in shark repellents, this has been independently tested by the scientific community.

Tests have been successfully concluded in the water with wild sharks, and always done so in conjunction with Scientific partners. Testing on wild sharks can be very challenging. However, there has been very successful demonstrations of Sharkbanz effectiveness.

Detailed Data

For more detailed information on the science and research behind the technology, the Sharkbanz Research Claims Document can be download from the Sharkbanz website.

This 13 page document identifies many qualified marine biologists and other professionals from the School of Coastal Environment Department of Marine Science at Coastal Carolina University, and Sharkbanz's scientific partners at Shark Defense Technologies. It outlines the Magnetic Technology Research & Claims as well as the current Magnetic Repellent Technology Patent.

Sharkbanz 2 - Magnetic Shark Repellent

What about Sizing and Colors? 

In order to eliminate sizing issues and shipping returns, the Sharkbanz 2 comes as a one-size-fits-all. This ha an extra long strap that can be cut to size. 

Wet Suit Sizing -  You can wear a Sharkbanz either under or over your wet suit or dry suit, just like you would a watch. Make sure you size it correctly depending on if you're wearing it under or over the wetsuit before cutting.

The Sharkbanz 2 is available in 5 different color combinations.

Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Who is the Sharkbanz for?

​The Sharkbanz can be worn by any man, woman, or child who enjoys spending time in the ocean.

Are there different sizes for adults and children?

No, and Sharkbanz are designed to fit on your choice of wrist or ankle. If you size it for your ankle, you will be able to wear it on either the ankle or wrist.

Start by measuring the circumference of your wrist or ankle with a tape measure. If the measurement is between 5.5 and 14 inches (14 cm and 35.5 cm) then it will fit either spot. 

How many Sharkbanz do I need?

Wearing one Sharkbanz is good protection. Two of these will give you greater defense. 

What’s the repellent range?

The magnetic repellent range is around 3 to 6 feet (or around 1-1.8 meters). Sharks really start to react strongly to the magnetic field intensity at about the 3 feet point.

What about batteries and charging?

These do not need batteries. They are magnetic and powered by the earth's magnetic field. It means they are always on and ready to go. 

Do I have to be moving to generate the magnetic field?

The magnetic field increases with movement, but it's not necessary to be moving to do so. As this is magnetic, the Sharkbanz will work all the time so doesn't need to be underwater to operate. This makes it great for anyone using a SUP or Kayak. 

Will it affect medical devices?

It's best to consult your Doctor before using if you have any under skin metal or other medical devices.

Will it affect my electronic dive equipment?

You will need to keep your Sharkbanz at least 12 inches (approximately 30 cm) away from all electronics including your dive computers. If you have a dive computer, it's best to wear it on your ankle to avoid direct contact.

Will Sharkbanz attract sharks?

No. Sharkbanz are not detected by sharks, or by other test equipment over 10 feet away.

Have these been tested on all Shark species?

These have been tested on all predatory sharks, including Bull Sharks, Blacktip, Oceanic Whitetip, small Tiger, Grey Nurse, Lemon, Caribbean Reef, and Bonnethead. Nurse sharks will bite if severely provoked, but they are normally docile. Please do not attempt to “test” Sharkbanz with these animals yourself.

Surfing - Sharkbanz Magnetic Shark Repellent
What about Great White Sharks?

Great White Sharks are unique as they are the only shark that attack from a long distance and at speed. Unfortunately there is no 100% effective way to prevent this type of attack. As Great Whites rely heavily on their electro-reception when swimming in open water, a Sharkbanz could effectively deter a curious shark. Just like any safety device, Sharkbanz will reduce the risk, but not eliminate it. 

What is the Depth Rating?

Sharkbanz are waterproof tested to up to 100 meters.

Will they affect any other ocean animals?

As stingrays also use electro-receptors, the Sharkbanz will also deter them. These are not detectable or harmful to any other ocean creatures such as dolphins, sea turtles, or fish.

Life of the device?

The life of your Sharkbanz will be dependent on how well you look after it. It will last longer if you take extra precautions. Don't leave it in direct sun light for long periods, and when it's not in use, always store it in the box it comes in. 

Video - Things you need to know about a Sharkbanz before buying!

The 40 second video below lays out a few basic facts that you need to consider and understand before buying a Sharkbanz. 

When you buy 4 or more Sharkbanz, there's a Promo Code available so you save $20 on your order. There is also FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all US orders.

Click the "Shop with Promo Code Now" link below to access the code. This link will take you to the Sharkbanz website. Once there, make sure you use the Promo Code shown at the top of the website during the Checkout process to access this Deal.

Avoid Group Feeding Frenzies
A feeding frenzy happens when a group of sharks start to compete for food, quite often when fishermen are pulling in nets which causes their catch to thrash about. This mass thrashing movement by the fish attracts sharks that then jump in.

Once this starts, virtually nothing will stop them, so don't ever go near this type of dangerous situation. Avoid feeding frenzies at all costs.

Quote from The Hollywood Times:

Harries Carroll of ‘Bondi Rescue’ fame, now showing on Netflix. This celebrity, lifeguard and father of 2 boys aged 5 and 3 says, “The Sharkbanz should be a gift to every Dad on the planet for Father’s Day”.

Sharkbanz Customer Reviews

Sharkbanz Testimonial Maxine P
Sharkbanz Testimonial - Daniel R


"Sharkbanz gives me peace of mind and security. It makes my life in the ocean more at ease, and I enjoy my time out there more. I'm not worried about being a shark's biscuit in Bondi."

Harries Carroll, Lifeguard, Waterman,

Bondi Beach, Australia

University Validated Research

Research has been done in conjunction with and verified by an independent third-party analysis group at the prestigious School of Coastal Environment Department of Marine Science at Coastal Carolina University.

All Tests have been successfully concluded in the water with live, wild sharks, and done so in conjunction with Sharkbanz's scientific partners at Shark Defense Technologies who are accredited Marine Biologists.

Testing has been done for over a decade. Sharkbanz are the result of over a decade’s worth of peer-reviewed scientific research on the use of magnetic technology as an active and effective shark deterrent.

Let Sharkbanz do the testing, not you! For your safety and the well-being of our animal populations, you should not "test" Sharkbanz products on your own. Just as you shouldn't tease a dog, don't entice or provoke sharks. 

Published studies on Sharkbanz technology include:
  • Hammerhead (S. Mokarran and S. Lewini)
  • Bull (C. Leucas)
  • White Sharks (C. Carcharias)
  • Australian blacktip (Carcharhinus Tilstoni)
  • Lemon (Negaprion Brevirostris)
  • Grey Reef (C. Amblyrhynchos)
  • Milk (Rhizoprionodon Acutus)
  • Speartooth (Glyphis Glyphis)
  • Sharkbanz bull shark research study.
  • Relevant shark and bite / attack statistics.
  • Bull shark overview, characteristics and habitat.
  • Florida shark species.
  • US and World statistics shark attacks.

Media & Press

To find more information and what's going on in the Press and Media about Sharkbanz, check out the MEDIA page on the Sharkbanz website. It has direct links to the following positive press articles where they can all be read in full.  

USA Today, Popular Science, The Weather Channel, Lava, Transworld Business, Surfer, Hiconsumption, Stab, Vogue, Fox Business, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Skynews, The Inertia, Daily Mail, Triathlete, and The Daily Telegraph.

There are also many Media videos. This include presentations from The Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, Small Biz Love series, Fox5, Bondi Rescue, CNBC, CBS News, Fox News Channel, Vogue, StabMag, ABC News, and The Today Show Australia.

Sharkbanz 2 is an improvement in a number of areas on the original Sharkbanz. This is shark deterrent technology that is effective, simple, affordable and stylish. 

There is FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all US orders.

You can also save $20 on orders of 4 or more Sharkbanz when you use our Promo code. Click the Shop Now button below to access the code. The link takes you to the Sharkbanz website.

Make sure you insert the Promo Code shown at the top of the Sharkbanz website during the Checkout process to access this Deal.  

Sharks Are Wild Animals
Remember that Sharks are wild animals with unpredictable behavior, and you can't control them, but you can reduce the risk with a Sharkbanz.

Last Updated on May 23, 2020

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