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At Viking Bags, you'll find the right luggage bags for your bike

Viking Bags has grown to become one of the world's largest motorcycle luggage online retailers.

Viking have cornered the market for riders who want attractive saddlebags and motorcycle luggage carriers. Not only do these improve the overall appearance of your motorcycle, but they also provide storage space with stability.

If you have a Cruiser, Street Bike, Sports Bike or Dirt Bike, and regardless of how much storage capacity you are looking for, Viking Bags will have something for you.

Quality, Durability and No Compromise

Viking Bags have an extensive collection of motorbike luggage and are dedicated to giving riders the best available, without compromise.

All Viking bags are good quality, durable and provide value for money. 

These are specially designed luggage and accessories that match motorcycle designs from all leading manufacturers including Harley, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Victory, Yamaha, Indian, Hyosung and Triumph.

Viking Century Motorcycle Trunk

Viking Century Motorcycle Trunk

No one wants to get stuck in the worst of weather conditions without the best motorcycle luggage around, that will handle the job. 

Most of Viking luggage is waterproof and features an airtight seal around the closure, whether it be a zipper system or chrome polished buckles.

It doesn't matter which brand of motorcycle you ride or what luggage you've selected, these guys have you covered and your valuables will stay valuable.

A little bit about Viking Bags

Viking Bags are unlike any other motorcycle luggage company on the internet. They design and make all their own products in-house. All their designs are done by bikers, for bikers.

They have completely reinvented and revolutionized the personal motorcycle luggage market. These bags come in a big range of size and shapes, and include designs for most popular bikes.

There is heavy investment in on-going research and development in both designs and mounting solutions to cover all bikes currently available, as well as for the newer models as they are released each year.

Known initially for Motorcycle Saddlebags, Viking Bags also has:

  • Sissy Bar Bags
  • Solo Bags
  • Tank Bags
  • Trunk and Tail Bags
  • Windshield Bags
  • Swing Arm and Fork Bags
  • Handlebar Bags
  • Roll Bags
  • Motorcycle Tool Bags
  •  Backpacks

Mounting Solutions and Hardware

The correct matching hardware and an instruction sheet is sent out with every product. There are also step by step installation videos available on each product that you can watch before you buy. 

Viking are all about happy customers and peace of mind, so if you have any questions about installation, you can call and talk to their representatives. 

Cruiser Charger Braided Saddlebags

Motorcycle Saddle Bags & Panniers

Viking have an exquisite collection of durable, reliable and easy-to-mount leather saddlebags and hard bags for motorcycles. 

Viking saddle bags have a waterproof exterior and all are constructed with longevity in mind. There's a different saddle bag to suit everyone from daily commuters to weekend warriors, and long distance travellers. 

There is over 300 designs of saddlebags manufactured for specific makes and styles of bikes and models.

Viking Bags - Photo by Richard Farcus -Harley Dyna Street

How to Choose Motorcycle Saddlebags

The search for the right saddlebags can sometimes be an endless road with so many options available. 

Which size bag to get, will it fit my bike, will it be lockable, and how easy will it be to mount, are all common questions riders ask themselves. 

Viking Saddle Bags

Things to Consider


Make a list of all the specific needs that you may have in mind when it comes to your saddlebag. Based on this you can choose the style and shape of the bag and opt for a flexible mounting system.


The amount of space that you need for your luggage may determine the type of saddlebag you opt for. For most motorbike brands, Viking bags offer small, medium and large sizes.


Whether you prefer slanted bag or a super ribbed saddlebag could pave the way for the product you choose. Along with your personal preferences, you'll want your saddlebag to match your bike.

Types of Saddlebags

Shock Cut Out or No Shock Cut Out

If you have an exposed shock on your motorcycle, go for a saddle bag with a shock cut out.

If your motorcycle doesn't have an exposed shock, there's no reason to get a bag with a shock cut out. Saddlebags without a shock cut out tend to have more storage space.

Capacity of Saddlebags

Viking Saddlebags come in 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Average Dimensions

11" H x 12" L x 6" H

1650 cubic inches capacity 

Average Dimensions

15" H x 11" L x 8" H

2000+ cubic inches capacity 

Average Dimensions

17" H x 11" L x 7" H

2300+ cubic inches capacity 

extra Large
Average Dimensions

24" H x 17.5" L x 7.5" H

2500+ cubic inches capacity 

Style of Saddlebags

Plain Saddlebag


If your bike doesn't have studs, then this is the look for you.

Saddle bag with Studs and Buckle


You would get a bag with studs if you already have studs on your seat or other luggage items.

Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags


This comes down to personal preference. Some riders prefer chrome throughout, others don't.

Viking Lockable Saddlebag with no Buckles

No Buckles

The buckles themselves serve no functional purpose and just for looks.

Key Lockable Viking Cruiser XL Saddlebags

Hard versus Soft 

If you are going to be on the road for days on end then opting for hard shell is a good decision.

These bags are completely weatherproof, absorb road shocks and most come with a locking system to prevent theft and loss of goods.

Viking Bags Harley Davidson

Mounting of Viking Saddlebags

Every Viking bag comes with a free mounting hardware which is super flexible so you can switch between a hard mount and a throw over saddlebag. 

This flexibility makes easy to alternate between styles needed for different rides, and to prevent a monotonous look.

There are three types of mounting options with saddle bags. The Throw Over, a Hard Mount, and a Quick Disconnect. 

Throw Over

This is by far the easiest one to install. A throw-over yoke is used and placed under the seat connecting both saddlebags. You can install them and take them off without needing bolts or using tools.

Hard Mount

Hard Mount installation using bolts and hard mounts that are provided with the bag. It does require tools and some mechanical knowledge to install hard mount saddlebags. 

Quick Disconnect (QDS)

The Quick Disconnect system is similar to the hard mount, as it is also hard mounted onto the motorbike. The difference between this and the Hard Mount is that the Quick Disconnect lets you take the bags off and take them with you.

Security of Saddlebags

Most saddle bags will not have any locking mechanism. Some saddlebags will have rings for padlocks, and there are some that come with a lock and key. 

Viking Lockable Saddlebags with Buckle

Universal Saddle Bags

Sometimes you might have a one off motorcycle, and you can't categorize a vintage café racer or a rebuilt Harley.

If this is the case for you, then browse the Universal Saddle Bags section of Viking's website. This section has every saddlebag available for motorcycles.

There are also variations available for every bag, so you're bound to find a compatible match.

Sissy Bar Bags, Tank Bags, Tool Bags and Back Support Bags

Sissy Bar

All Viking Sissy bar bags, tank bags, tool bags and back support bags have rigid bodies so they hold up and don't lose there shape easily.

All Viking Tail Bags come with rain covers and mounting straps. 

Street / Sports Bike Tail Bags

Viking Sports Bike Tail Bag

Most riders will want only the best for their bike and for many Sport bike riders in particular, styling and sophistication is almost as important as performance. 

Choosing the wrong accessories could be dire to the very appearance of the motorcycle.

For street bike riders needing a bit of extra storage, the Viking series of sports bike tail bags offer quick on-bike transportation and removal. 

Viking Bags Street/Sports Bike Luggage options

Dirt Bike / Enduro Luggage Bags

Every bike needs luggage that will be the perfect partner for its unique journey. Viking Dirt Bike saddlebags are manufactured to be the rough and tough road partners for even the most adventurous of all riders.

Luggage for these bikes is specially constructed so that they can withstand the extreme road shocks that it will go through once fitted.

Large Black Dirt Bike/Enduro Saddlebags

They are made to withstand the worst weather conditions and survive through the extreme changes that dirt bike / Enduro riders demand of their accessories. 

Viking dirt bike luggage bags is tough and designed by experts to withstand the test of time.

With installation hardware and instructions included with every purchase, you don't have to worry about mounting these bags onto your motorcycle.

Viking Bags Customer Service

We've all felt the frustration that can come with ordering saddlebags, clothing and other gear over the internet.

Viking have geared their Customer Service around making the online buying process as easy as possible for you.

If you have any concerns on whether a piece will fit your bike or not, you can call Viking Customer Service, or they have a Live Chat option on their website.

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Viking Bags Guarantee

All Viking products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Standard restrictions apply which includes that that bag isn't damaged, and no part of the product is missing in case you wish to return the product.

If you receive a product that you don't think is perfect for your motorcycle, you can return or exchange it. A representative will work with you to help pick out your next bag purchase. 

In the event that you receive a broken or damaged item, or an item proves to be defective out of the box, get straight onto Viking Customer Service Support and they'll work with you to fix the problem. 

Shipping Expectations

Viking Head office is located in Los Angeles, and they have warehouses located across the United States. This means that products are generally shipped out and in your hands within a matter of days.

As soon as your order is shipped, you'll be emailed a Tracking Number so you can check the progress of your order. 

In Conclusion

When you buy luggage from Viking Bags, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Every product is made exclusively in their production house. 

Viking Bags has a different saddlebag for every purpose. These head-turning saddlebags and luggage pieces have been designed with the ultimate perfection in mind.

Viking Bags - The Challenger Trunk

Viking are dedicated to quality and proven field testing, to deliver products that simply can't be matched.

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