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Personal Airbag Vests & why they matter

I'm still surprised at how many riders are unaware that airbag vests and jackets exist. These are relatively affordable personal protection gear that are made for both motorcyclists and equestrian riders. 

Hit Air MLV Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

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Discover the “Luci Solar Outdoor Light” from MPowerd

Whether camping in the backyard or in the great outdoors, MPowerd have a great range of quality solar powered lights to suit every situation.

The Luci Pro is not only a compact and lightweight lamp, that can charge your cell phone.

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Lightweight Travel Gear

There's lightweight, and then there's flimsy.

At Hikes & Motorbikes, we understand how important quality lightweight and compact gear can be.

Whether hiking, or biking, or combining the two, we review only quality gear.

Wildhorn Outfitters Camping/Hiking Hammock in Camo material

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